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This is where you'll find all my latest updates, details of new tutorials and get a sneaky peak into my studio via my Facebook feed.

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Abbotts Hall…

    This is a brand new subject for me, a salt marsh in Essex that I discovered a couple of months ago. It's a really exciting environment, with a lot of strong shadows and bright highlights. I've never painted this scene before so I am really excited about it, hope you are too!

    Saturday April 22

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Newlyn Lighthouse

    I was born and brewed just a short stones throw from this lighthouse, and I must have painted it a hundred times. An added challenge this time though was to paint through the grey Cornish mizzle, sudden sparkling sunshine and a blustery breeze. But we love a challenge don't we!?

    Saturday April 08

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Westminster Bridge

    This tutorial has an extra resonance this week, and is one that I initially felt very unsure about releasing. Filmed just a couple of weeks before the horrific events of 22nd March, this tutorial shows Westminster bridge and a sunset skyline in all of its true beauty, capturing the atmosphere of one of the worlds greatest cities and the enduring spirit of its people.

    Saturday March 25

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Nine Maidens

    "Sometimes a man made subject can be so organic in atmosphere that it's as though the subject itself has grown from the very ground itself. Well, the Nine Maidens stone circle is one of those locations. At over 3000 years old the stones make an alluring, ancient subject; and the muted tones sit perfectly with the landscape.

    Saturday March 11

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Song Of…

    Nanjizal on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall, is a secret, hidden location of magical beauty. It's one if those places that seems to make time stand still, were mermaids could, and probably do reside. Deep, dark caves and still, emerald pools abound, and our task in this tutorial is to capture this otherworldly atmosphere with paint.

    Saturday February 25

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Godrevy Lighthouse

    "I love to paint lighthouses, the design, the colours and the drama are so captivating. I'm lucky to have one of the most beautiful lighthouses right on my studio doorstep. Godrevy in St Ives Bay was the inspiration for Virginia Woolf's most famous novel 'To the Lighthouse' and now she serves as our creative subject for some windswept, salt aired beauty.

    Saturday February 11

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Ding Dong…

    "Okey dokes folks, this is where we bring all of the elements together to finish our artwork. In this tutorial we'll explore how changing the composition can create very different results, how cropping and rearranging our image leads the viewers eye and how all of that creative stuff you learned in primary school is so very useful!

    Saturday January 28

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Ding Dong…

    "This tutorial is all about ramping up our 'en plein air' study to a larger studio piece. To do this we'll be altering the composition to create extra drama, and using techniques that you probably haven't used since school. These techniques are so simple and so effective, you'll soon be using them in all of your creations.

    Saturday January 14

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Ding Dong…

    This subject celebrates the 'organic' nature of old architecture. And as we'll explore, ancient buildings are very often built using local materials and methods. The colours and textures of local stone often contain all of the tones and shades that we need for a successful landscape, and instantly capture heritage and essence.

    Saturday December 31

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Winter

    This tutorial is all about cool and warm colours. How they work and why they work. And what better subject than a winter woodland walk? Skeletal branches and snow create a chill to the air and our artwork, while the glow of rich sunlight gives us warmth. Wrap up warm for this one my winter lovelies!

    Saturday December 17

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