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This is where you'll find all my latest updates, details of new tutorials and get a sneaky peak into my studio via my Facebook feed.

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Silver Thames

    This view opened up for me when I took my first trip on the amazing London Eye. Looking westwards into the light, the Thames became silver and ghostly white. Blue greys created the shapes of buildings and suffused unnecessary detail into a hazy mass of sunlight and shadow. A city full of energy, life and history.

    Saturday October 07

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Dungeness Lighthouse

    Literally an artistic beacon for artists for decades, Dungeness lighthouse is one of the most recognisable and painted lighthouses in the country. Uniquely, painted black to stand out from the surrounding landscape, this statuesque beacon now serves as a fantastic viewing platform from which to survey the stunning Dungeness promontory.

    Saturday September 23

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Smugglers Haunt

    "As an artist, stumbling upon an ancient, crumbling building is always exciting. And one of my favourites is this secret location tucked away on the cliffs at a Cornish smugglers cove. The joy for me is to capture the romance and mystery of the scene and to imagine what tales this building could tell...

    Saturday September 09

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Dungeness

    One of the most unique locations in the UK, Dungeness is crammed full of the most captivating and inspiring visuals for any artist. For me, this abandoned fishing boat, complete with nets, driftwood and crunchy shingle, best represent what I love about this evocative place. If you get a chance to visit, do!

    Saturday August 26

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Whitstable

    A typical hot summers day at the seaside, but is that a rain cloud on the horizon? Fleeting dramatic skies, strong sunlight and shadows can be tricky subjects to capture in our paintings. So let me show you how, using simple and effective techniques, we can add drama and sparkle to a day at the beach.

    Saturday August 12

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Red Fox

    Introducing Cautious Annie, our beautiful red fox garden visitor. We call her Annie but I have a feeling that 'she' might be a 'he'. Either way our Red Fox is a captivating sight, full of mystery and intrigue; and this tutorial is all about trying to capture those elusive characteristics.

    Monday July 31

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Cape Cornwall

    You just can't beat a great summer sunset, and this painting is of the Western edge of Britain facing the Atlantic. It's a dramatic composition, full of summer evening heat, cool and hot colours, and dramatic contrast. I'll show you how to create shadows full of warmth and a sky full of interest.

    Monday July 17

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Mousehole

    One of Cornwall’s jewel’s, Mousehole always makes a captivating subject for any painter, but often, it’s easy to get bogged down in the detail of rooftops, windows and boats. In this tutorial, we’ll be using easy techniques to simplify these complicated subjects to make an artwork full of life and light.

    Monday July 03

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - The Charles…

    The Charles Bridge dominates the ancient city of Prague. With its huge stone gatehouses, inspiring statues and cobbled walkways, the subjects all add to the distinct Medieval atmosphere. At night the whole area is lit up with incredible, subtle light and it is this aspect that we'll be focusing on for this tutorial.

    Monday June 19

  • Watch a preview of my latest tutorial - Madron Carn

    This landscape is one of my favourite local views and a real childhood haunt. The Carn faces the sweep of Mounts Bay in West Cornwall, and I have chosen this subject as an exercise in creating depth and distance using colour and tone. You can use these same techniques to add depth to your local landscape and be sure to send in your results, I'd love to see them!

    Monday June 05

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